Raymond Paultre

Position: Trustee
Categories: Board of Trustees

Raymond Paultre is the Executive Director of the Florida Alliance, co-founder of Project 68 (P68), and is currently working with a group of funders and organizers to expand his work around: 1) state communications and research capacities and 2) organizing cultural power – including his work with athletes as a part of Project 68 (P68) team and restructuring ACRONYM.

For over a decade, Raymond has worked on or helped to fund significant and impactful initiatives in Florida, beginning during the 2012 cycle on Obama’s reelection campaign and for three years led Enroll America’s efforts in FL, helping to power Florida to the nation’s largest increase in health insurance sign-ups three years in a row.

Since Raymond took the helm in 2019, the Florida Alliance has seen a 700% increase in membership, raised over $50 million towards organizations and infrastructure in Florida, and has quickly become the most diverse collaborative in the country.