Civic Participation

The Civic Participation Program supports the implementation of democracy through exercise of the franchise and other direct forms of civic involvement.

The focus is not just on elections, but on how the vote can affect issues people care deeply about. Addressing racial, environmental, and economic injustice requires responsive elected leadership, which in turn depends on robust and widespread involvement by the electorate.

Priorities include support for:

  • state-based organizations that are educating, motivating, and mobilizing voters
  • national and state groups protecting voters' rights and election integrity
  • groups thwarting attempts to suppress participation in the democratic process

This program supports year-round work to mobilize active engagement, not limited to election-season get-out-the-vote campaigns. This program does not fund academic research, tech development, book projects, individual fellowships, or programs and conferences unrelated to on-the-ground organizing.


Submit a Proposal

Prior to submitting a proposal, prospective applicants should contact the Foundation to determine appropriate fit. Please be prepared to provide information regarding content and treatment, distribution, outreach, budget, funding sources (and fiscal sponsorship as appropriate).