The Democracy Program supports a broad array of initiatives intended to strengthen the foundations of democracy and good governance.

We support programs that promote a just, inclusive, sustainable society and advance the cause of full participation by all races, genders, and underserved populations through support of movement-led organizations.

Priorities include:

  • ending partisan or racial gerrymandering
  • overturning Citizens United
  • expanding ballot access
  • ridding elections of dark money
  • holding government officials accountable for corrupt and unethical practices
  • pushing reforms at local, state, and federal levels
  • promoting progressive legislative agendas
  • supporting a diverse field of emerging young leaders to help forge a truly inclusive and representative society

Submit a Proposal

Prior to submitting a proposal, prospective applicants should contact the Foundation to determine appropriate fit. Please be prepared to provide information regarding content and treatment, distribution, outreach, budget, funding sources (and fiscal sponsorship as appropriate).