Alicia P. Wittink

Position: Vice President
Categories: Board of Trustees

Alicia Park Wittink is the Vice President of the Park Foundation. Alicia has been involved with the Foundation since 1998 in varying capacities and was instrumental in nurturing the Foundation’s program interests in both water and plastic reduction. Alicia has also helped in the formation of the Amazon Conservation Association; she has worked at The International Ecotourism Association, The Center for a New American Dream (aka: New Dream), and the Sierra Club of Virginia. Alicia has also served on the boards of: Environmental Working Group, Friends of the Earth, Center for a New American Dream, and the Foundation for National Progress, publisher of Mother Jones Magazine. Together with Leda Huta, Alicia co-founded EcoWomen, a nonprofit with five chapters that empower environmental leaders. Alicia graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Environmental Studies. She lives in Ithaca, NY, and is an incredibly proud mother of two.