The Foundation supports efforts that work to ensure drinking water in the United States is clean, affordable and accessible, and is protected and managed as a public necessity. It is willing to consider diverse approaches that raise awareness and offer solutions to drinking water concerns, including, but not limited to, policy development, advocacy, organizing, and media activities.

Water as a Public Necessity supports efforts that empower communities to exercise their rights to protect local drinking water resources. It also supports large-scale efforts to reduce bottled water consumption through raising awareness of the costs and implications of bottled water use, including concerns related to the privatization of water supplies. Funding is available for programs that operate nationally or regionally in the eastern United States, with limited support for state level projects.

Public Policy is focused on efforts to advocate for strong and enforced water policies and increased public investment in sustainable water infrastructure at state and federal levels. Support is primarily targeted to organizations with national policy agendas and New York and North Carolina programs. The Foundation has developed a specific policy interest in addressing concerns about hydraulic fracturing and gas drilling activities proposed for New York State.

Freshwater Media supports media and investigative reporting outlets that raise awareness of drinking water issues through independent reporting, with coverage that focuses on availability, quality and accessibility. Stories may be national in scope, but funding is generally targeted to coverage of specific issues in the eastern U.S.

Corporate Responsibility includes support for investor activism and advocacy efforts that identify and publicize corporate responsibilities and liability risks related to water use and impairment. Funding is available for programs that operate nationally.

Additional grants are made by the Foundation that cover a wide variety of environmental issues, but with special concentration on environmental issues in North Carolina, environmental health concerns, and training and capacity building opportunities for environmental organizations. These grants are made at the Foundation's initiative. The Environment Program does not directly support single river or watershed programs.